Welcome to the Official Offline Social Manager Members Area

Inside you will find your Instruction Manual, Videos, techniques for using our software, our Support Forum and even a Feature Request area.

Remember, all feature requests will be posted for all owners to vote on and the highest votes each month will be the feature(s) we will begin adding to the software. We want to make our software YOUR product of Choice and will invest the time and expertise to bring your wishes to fruition.

We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do! This is an exciting time for everyone involved in Offline Business Services and we want to help you become the most 'Sought After' social manager in your area!

Also, make sure to add some notes to the various posts for your own use. You will find them invaluable as this membership continues to grow in the coming months. Your notes could include a memo about creating a product of your own about that specific post, or maybe a note to contact one of the other members about a comment they left to possibly form a Joint Venture.

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