Offline Manager

Step 8 – The Task Manager Report Generator

OK, now we have clients and prospects, tasks set up and running for our clients and it is time to give the client that 'warm fuzzy feeling' about all that money they are paying us.

This is where we create our reports to provide the client some security in knowing that we really are doing something for them and proving just how valuable our services are!

Step 4 – Adding Clients and Prospects

Now that we have our first Client created, let's dig into setting up the accounts for them. We will start by adding the contact info for our First Client. Click the Add New button at the bottom of the window and fill in the form that opens.

The main thing to remember if you have created multiple businesses, is to make sure the correct business is selected in the top dropdown before creating or adding a client or prospect.

Step 2 – Creating Your Prospect and Client Lists

Now that you have your Business(es) Details input done and saved, it is time to start adding the info for your Prospects and your Clients.

We have added some additional options in Version that allows you to filter your Client list from your Prospect List by simply checking a box. Once you do, the cell background will change to let you visibly see the difference.

Step 1 – OSM Business Setup Process

This is the first tab in the software and it may be the one to take some time and think about before you get started.

One of the features of our software is the ability to manage multiple Businesses using the same software installation.

So you could actually create a separate Business for each of your Services to allow you to set up a keyword rich domain for each Business and then set each one up inside OSM as a completely separate entity.

This will allow you to be able to effectively charge a better fee for your service from "An Authority" instead of a "Jack of All Trades"